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Replacement Brake Pads

livi04livi04 Posts: 3
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I have a Giant Roam XR2 and this has Shimano, BLM395 braking system on it and just about to replace the brake pads for the first time. Anyone know what would be suitable replacement brake pads for this as finding it difficult getting this info from the internet and don't want to end up buying pads that I can't or shouldn't use.


  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,193
    BL-M395 is the brake operating lever, what model are the calipers/rotor size?
  • I'm guessing you are using the M395 Acera caliper (if its a standard 2013 Giant Roam XR2) but please check it

    Take a look at this to help identify the pads required, they can be bought from

    I would guess they are an S2 but without seeing the pad I couldn't say for certain

  • Thanks for the replies folks. Matt - I have taken the pads off my bike to have a look and they do match the S2 in shape. Having looked at a few sites there does seem to be a difference in size between similar shaped pads. My pads measure 30mm in width by 35mm in height. Do you know if this matches the size of the S2 pads?
  • I would assume the larger sized pads would be the S5's for the XT calipers. I will measure SWMBO's brake pads as her Deores use the S2 pads but I'm quietly confident that they will be OK for you as most brake changes are caliper/piston related and not pad size changes.
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