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Hi all,

I just picked up my S-Works Tarmac SL4 yesterday.

It was a custom build that came with lower spec wheels than I have on my winter bike so I'm going to swap them around.

Unsure on Grand Prix 4000s 23mm or 25mm. Any thoughts? (they're going on Campy Zondas). I run 23s on the giant at the moment but I'll need a another pair regardless.



  • DiscoBoy
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    I prefer 25mm. They're more comfortable and they roll faster on less than perfect (most British) roads.

    All you can get on this topic is opinions though, there is no right or wrong answer.
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  • If you run 23s, you don't have to change your bike computer....
    All the gear, but no idea...
  • 25s, but I'm on the heavy side
  • FoldingJoe
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    25's also.

    I run 25 GP 4 Seasons on all my bikes, as well as my SL4, but as shmooster said, I'm on the heavy side, but do find them more comfortable.
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  • duckson
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    GP4000S 23c are really 24c, infact they come up bigger (or at least the same) as the 25c Pave's i've got.
    Different brands and even different models in the same brand can and do come up different size wise than what is quoted!
    Cheers, Stu
  • cougie
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    25 sounds a better bet with the state of the roads we have at the moment.
  • slowbike
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    I run 23s on my Tarmac - one of these days I'll try a 25!