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I'm fed up with complicated, sh|tty HRMs that hardly work so I'm yet again looking for another.
The best one I had was the Forerunner 410, but this was sold on to pay for my Edge 500. I've also had a Puma which was good but this was sold when I got the Foreunner.
My last one was a Sigma and I've just threw it across the gym floor because yet again the HR reading was all over the place...

So anyone recommend a decent HRM watch that can track calories/ave HR/time etc, that simply works?!?
I'd rather not have a polar as you can't replace the battery in the straps.
Ideally I'd like to be able to upload to garmin connect etc... too.

Edit NO GPS is required.


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    I have a polar rs300x (my rs200 died and Polar replaced (for free) with a refurbished upgrade)
    The watch has to be sent off to replace the battery for about £15, plus postage to polar every 2-3 years.
    The (wearlink) strap I have anyone who can read instructions can replace the battery. I believe polar may produce some straps which are sealed, possibly for swimming.
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    Ahh I thought they were all sealed! I'll look into Polar then..

  • Fed up with my Gamin strap going wrong*, I bought a 20 Euros Decathlon watch and strap combo. Works a treat.

    *£35 a pop
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    Fed up with my Gamin strap going wrong*, I bought a 20 Euros Decathlon watch and strap combo. Works a treat.

    *£35 a pop
    Touch wood, my Garmin Strap has been flawless for 2years +, but now I've said that, it bound to go t|ts up!
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    Not sure why this has been moved as its feck all to do biking :lol::lol: ..
    (got an Edge 500 for that :D )
    Its for using in the Gym, spinning, circuits etc hnce the NO GPS required.
    But it may get more love here :D:D !
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    If you were happy with Garmin there's the Forerunner FR70 which is a relatively cheap non-GPS running watch that comes with a HR strap and can also be paired with a foot pod if desired.

    I've got the 910XT multi-sport watch which I use for both cycling and running. It would be overkill for you if you already use an Edge 500 but I find the HR strap it comes with much better (more comfortable) than the earlier version that came with my previous FR305. I very occasionally get slightly high readings at the start of a session in cold weather but I'm pretty sure this is just poor contact because I'm not sweating yet and it is rare.

    You night find this site useful:
    It's full of great, detailed, and critical reviews of most of the mainstream running, cycling and triathlon gadgets...
    I also remember reading a suggestion on this site before that using an electrode contact gel with your HR strap could eliminate spikes and signal drops.

    Ah here we are: ... pikes.html
  • Bearer Pm25 £25.99 amazon, works well