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Planning to buy a cheap bike

alpbalalpbal Posts: 4
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I am searching for a cheap bike. While searching a specific bike i have found your forum. I will need advise from you experienced people thank you.
Let me introduce my self first. Im 34 years old heavy 83 kg. muscle body with very big powerful legs. Even having hard time to find pants that my calf's fitted. Yep im doing fitness.
I had a little experience with roadbikes when i was young. But at most used mountain bikes and my last bike which stolen last summer was a Hybrid. It was heavy and under medium price.
I am riding bicycle from childhood always as a hobby. I am riding fast as i can and like to catch other people.
But not riding very often maximum of 20 times a summer season. We have a road that 16 km to the beach. Which is not very smooth. But people riding road bikes there. There are some holes and must be carefully about these holes and small stones.
So i have found this cheap bike: ... ike-933098
I know people here telling this is a BSO. But im far from a pro even not riding very often. Maximum of 500 km a year may be.
Another option even cheaper but i can buy wheels, pedals, handling with money left and modify a little. It is still and more durable may be? ... e=93310118

What do you think and suggest me ?


  • DiscoBoyDiscoBoy Posts: 905
    The triban 3 is excellent for just £300: ... 39800.html

    The carrera TDF is also pretty good for a little more.
    Red bikes are the fastest.
  • Welcome.

    I'm no expert on cheap bikes but have a look at the Triban 3 or 5 offerd by Decathlon. ... 250-to-500

    They're slightly more expensive but buying those cheap bikes may prove a false economy if you end up hating riding, or even looking, at those things.
  • Just i want to point something. I live in Estonia so this life time warranty things will not work for me. Thanks.
  • The first bike is advertised as a beginner triathlon bike, that's like getting a bike with racing handlebars, but with an even lower position. It's the sort of position cyclists using in time trials on the Tour De France. It's probably not what you're looking for, and will not help you to ride rough roads with holes in them. Bikes with these kind of bars have less control and are best used for fast riding on straight smooth roads.

    The second bike has a steel frame. it may be strong but that steel frame might make it even heavier than your last bike. Also, again because of the roads you said you will be riding, look at where the gears are. The gear changers are right in the centre of the handlebar. Imagine riding down the road and needing to change gear; you have to take your hand off the brake hood to get to the gear. And, being in the centre of the handlebar, it's not very good for balance, imagine having to support your body with one hand, while moving your other hand round in the centre of your body, and pushing on the handlebar to change gear..on a bumpy road...where you might want to keep both hands free for your brakes and for balance. With a drop bar bike, you're better getting a bike with gear changes on the levers, or for a flat barred bike, with the gear changers within easy reach of your thumbs, like a normal mtb or hybrid.

    There are bikes that are tough and light, if that's what you're looking for, but they won't also be cheap. On the other hand, there are hybrid type bikes that are more like road bikes but with flat handlebars and wider tougher tyres. Not as fast as a racing bike, but still better than what you've shown, which may still be reasonably priced compared to a bike with racing style bars.

    BUT, there's a famous saying in cycling: LIGHT, STRONG, CHEAP, CHOOSE ANY TWO. If you want a bike thats both light and strong for bad roads, it won't be the cheapest, you'll have to pay a little more.

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  • Thank you very much for your detailed review it helps very much.
    I like to ride bike in a lower position. I spent my childhood everyday riding bike. This lower position is like my turbo mode charge :P :lol:
    The first one is just a cheap road bike with a triathlon looking handlebar. I just liked this handlebar looks. I think i will not have problem riding this one. I know the road very well because riding same place nearly 6 years.
    But you know s.hit always happens. I scare in the first problem situation i will break this bicycle into two spare parts.
    These hybrids are also good option. i feel more safety and they are faster than mountain bikes. Here models are starting from 700 euros that a bit expensive for me. I thought that 300 euro one may be enough for me but worry about my safety.
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