TFTuned --- What a Great Service.

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:D Just had my Fox forks back from a service with TFT. Cant fault the customer service they provide.

Got my forks to them on Tuesday, Serviced on Thursday and back with me today !! Top Job.

Thank you Adam at TFT, i hope you read this, as you cant leave feedback on your site.

Highly recommended firm. :D
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  • I had my shock and forks serviced there a few month ago. Excellent service, and a top job done. Can't recommend them highly enough.
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    I always get mine done there. Drop them off on the way to work and pick them up on the way home.
    Quality service.
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    +1, Very helpful and good advice on the phone and an excellent service.
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    My only contact with TFTuned was via the phone when asking about increasing the travel on my daughter's forks, they couldn't have been more helpful despite effectively talking themselves out of making any money from me by telling me to DIY and how to do it.
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    I'm going to buck the trend

    I've had some good service from them (Push tuning, and set up of current shock), but I've also had quite a bad experience with one of their technicians (who shall remain nameless), who was pretty rude to me on the phone, so much so that i complained.

    TBF to them, the way they reacted to the complaint was pretty impressive, which is why is still use them.
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    POAH wrote:
    what happened on the phone

    I got a good service from them recently. Good company to deal with
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    POAH wrote:
    what happened on the phone

    I was asking for advice on doing an air can service for my shock, which had been Pushed by them the year before. My question was around whether i was ok to use standard oil for the service, or whether they had used something else when they Pushed it. Guy got confused and thought i was talking about servicing the damper unit, then proceeded to take the p*ss out of me for suggesting i could service the shock myself.