Mavic Aksium spoke issue

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I've been riding these wheels for 3 or so years now in all conditions and fair play the bearings are sweet and never been touched. However a few days ago a noticed a loose spoke, I thought I'd just tighten it up myself but it just spins around and around, it's like it won't catch the thread at all or maybe the thread is ruined.

The rims have a kind of built in base tape which I'm reluctant to remove but it's the only way to see what's wrong with the spoke and nipple.

Does anyone have experience with the Aksiums, can this be fixed, should I remove the base tape stuff and try to fix, is it time for the bin?


  • More likely the nipple thread is gone... you need a new nipple... Aksium should take fairly normal nipples....
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  • paulbnix
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    My Aksiums were bought in 2013 and they are all radial straight spokes i.e there is nothing to stop them spinning if the nipple is loose.
    I recently replaced a spoke and found that the nipple contains a section of blue thread lock so there is more chance of the spoke spinning rather than tightening.
    What I did was cut a slot in a piece of wood (~4 inch long) with a hacksaw blade and used that to stop the spoke from spinning when tightening the nipple.
    I got my spoke from BehindTheBikeShed but you need to check which version of the Aksium you have got. I think mine was the 2012 that uses the same spokes as the 2010.