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Kelstrel choice between two RT1000 models

epg0epg0 Posts: 3
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I am purchasing a new road bike off BikesDirect. I have used them before, and am satisfied on the quality.

I can not decide between two RT1000 models. Please let me know if the Ultegra upgrade is worth the extra $100, plus not receving the $150 gift card. Also, any other comments on the two bikes would be appreciated.

RT1000 Shimano 105 - $1849 +($150 bikesdirect gift card)
RT1000 Ultegra $1955 ... es_xiv.htm ... _bucks.htm


  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Are you US based? If not you're going to get smacked with shipping and import duty.

    To me Ultegra is worth the difference, but if you're a casual rider it may not be.
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  • epg0epg0 Posts: 3
    Yes, I am US based. I am a casual rider, but looking to get more into it.

    I was also looking at a Trek Domane 2.3 at the same price point ~$19252 before taxes. The RT 1000 just looked to have much better specs at $1950
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