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Squeaky brakes...your cures?

Topbanana0Topbanana0 Posts: 28
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I'm sure most of us have had squeaky brakes at sometime.
Mine are driving me crazy, I've tried the following things to try and stop it.
Tried Almost all brake pad compounds, haven't tried Compound C (Ceramic Pro) yet
Cleaning pads/discs
Sanding pads/discs
Braking hard after fitting new pads
Not sure if I should go to the expense of changing the discs

What are your tips


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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    If the brakes are working fine, sometimes the best thing is stop faffing, ride through it and it miraculously goes away.
    For a while.
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  • Wet, dirty, sandy ride can often clear it.

    Finish Line speed degreaser is also a good shout (rotors and pads). If it's bad I sometimes set the pads alight (ventilated area).

    Failing that, swisstop make a disc brake silencer that actually works. The boss used it on his bike today and it worked a charm. Never had anyone come back saying their brakes still squealed after the swisstop stuff. Only down side is it's bloody expensive.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    It depends on the cause

    Some squeals (high pitched, continuous, never changes in pitch) are due to a resonance and you need to change something fundamental to fix it, others are caused by transient issues like some debris and go away.

    I used to have this with Avid Juicy's and an alligator (lightweight) disc on mine, with organic pads it was almost tolerable, with sintered intolerably noisy, I ended up putting a heavier disc on just to shut it up, when I went to the stiffer mounted XTR calliper (IS mount, so no adaptor and no silly Avid CPS washers) I could use the lightweight disc again without problem.
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