The puncturing poltergeist, please help!

Paul 8v
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So you'll have to bear with me on this one as it's a bit of a long story...

I bought some of the new fat 45 wheels from planet x after Christmas, when they eventually turned up they came fitted with planet x rimtape and I fitted some brand new Bontrager tyres and continental inner tubes. Pumped them up to pressure and everything was great.

Went back to look at them in the morning and the front had a puncture. I thought maybe I had fitted it wrong and pinched the tube when fitting it (A bit odd as I was faffing around with the bike all evening and they were fine)

I changed the inner tube and put it back on and it was fine. Checked it the next day, still solid, full pressure. Next day, flat. Wheel hadn't moved.

Did a sportive ride and got a proper puncture in the rear from a flint, changed the tube and it was fine. The wheels were then left in the spare room for a few weeks as I had been riding the winter wheels, I had moved them about a bit and always checked the tyres and they were firm. Went to move them Monday and the front was flat. Changed the inner tube and the rim tape this time. Went to look at them the next day (As I'm a bit paranoid now) and the REAR was flat (I had taken the pressure up from 85 to 90 at the same time as I changed the front) Changed that yesterday and now the Front is flat again!

Please bear in mind there are days between the new tube being fitted and the puncture occurring, the wheels have not been ridden or even fitted to a bike. If the tube was pinched in the fitting it would have started to go down straight away. When I check the puncture holes the air comes out instantly.

I have contacted planet x once originally and they sent me some tubes but they haven't come back on my latest email yet. If anyone has any insight I would be really grateful as this is driving me absolutely nuts, I'm not a beginner, I've owned bikes all my life and this has never happened!