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Whistler questions

Lewis ALewis A Posts: 767
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Hi all, there may be a chance of me going riding in Whistler this summer, and I have two questions.

Firstly, about trail difficulty, I haven't ridden much in the way of DH before, but am more than comfortable on red xc routes, will I be fine (with a rented dh bike and ff obv.) on a Whistler blue run? I'm fairly confident on jumps, and everything seems rollable if I mess up. I've seen plenty of Gopro footage, and they don't seem too bad.

Secondly, bike hire, I've narrowed it down to two shops, the one on the WMTBP website, which rents Giant Glorys in X9 spec, or Summit sports, who rent Rocky Mountain Flatline Parks. Has anyone any experience with either of these, if they're pretty similar, which bike is best to rent for a day at the same price?

Any help is much appreciated.



WMTBP - ... index.aspx

Summit -
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  • Loads you will be ok with the blues are pretty tame and loads of stuff to move you on without getting in to deep but beware some is

    I would go with summit sports I hired a downhill and cross country Rocky Mountain from them, a few years back both where very well maintained plus plenty of bikes to get the right frame size for you. Not all the hire shops had much hire stock and some seemed to be not so well looked after in comparison .

    Remember to get them to change the brake levers to the right side !

    Some great cross country riding in whistler some of it pretty tough but well worth the effort try "comfortably Numb" and river runs though it
    If your there for Few days get a deal on the hire rate I managed to get a 7 day multi day deal taking a cross country bike for 3 days and a down hill for 4 , But had to twist there arm to get it !
  • Lewis ALewis A Posts: 767
    Thanks, unfortunately I'm only there for one day, some of the xc looks great, but if I can only ride one thing... Thanks for the tips!
    Cube Analog 2012 with various upgrades.
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