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Hi i was after a bit help, 3 weeks ago i broke my neck when i fell of my cx bike riding up a cycle track, luckily for me it was a stable break so i did not need an operation, its healing ok at the minute but i want to be back on my bike hopefully in april,but now i seem to have frightened myself with what happened and i have been looking a neck braces to wear once i am back on the bike but all i can see are the ones for dh biking,would one of these be ok or has anyone ever used one for their road bike or would they get in the road too much cheers for any help


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    I'd imagine one of those will seriously get in the way on a road bike and could cause more problems than it solves.

    I've never seen any neck braces for road bikes at all. I would not worry about it too much, once you are fully healed get back on the bike and see how it goes.
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    blimey ! glad to hear you are healing and won't need an op

    I'm not surprised you have given yourself a fright, most of us would - however I personally wouldn't want to wear a neck brace on the road as I would want full mobility for turning my head to see behind me (changing lanes checking cars etc.) and you may get hot and uncomfortable wearing one

    maybe do some some gentle rides on quiet days to build confidence? best of luck
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  • cheers for that i will probably be ok once I'm back on but its just the feeling if i had another accident will my neck be as strong lol
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    I think you need to wait until you are SURE that your neck is fully healed and as strong. It will take some time to get your confidence back up (we re not all Dan Atherton).

    Neck braces still really from Motor sport although Cycling specific ones are appearing, but you'd also have to wear a full face lid too which would make anthing other than gentle pootling into a sweat filled, head oven, tourture.

    Good luck, you ll get there.
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    A neck brace with a road style helmet would be much more dangerous for your neck than going without.

    See it quite often with inexperienced mountain bikers - guys walking their bikes up to the start of a DH trail with their full face helmet off because they are too hot but still with their neck brace on...doing that is putting them at more risk of serious neck injury than riding the trail.
  • cheers for that i will probably be ok once I'm back on but its just the feeling if i had another accident will my neck be as strong lol

    Once a broken bone heals fully its easily as strong as the original - read up on callous formation and remodelling if you doubt that. The real key is to rehab the soft tissues and proprioception of the neck and thorax area. Get physio and follow their advice.. The only way I could imagine a neck brace being even vaguely a good idea would be if you needed one anyway and it meant you could go on a turbo to maintain fitness.
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    This might work...
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  • Good god that looks mental Grill, who is it?
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    Alberto Blanco on the RAAM a few years ago. It's called Shermer's Neck and to my knowledge only ever happens on the RAAM. Basically the neck muscles just give up and your head just hangs. Loads on the RAAM have had it including Hoppo.
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    Your break will be stronger than the rest of the neck once it's healed. Sounds like a freak accident anyway - so I'd not worry about it happening twice. A neck brace sounds much worse for cycling.
  • cheers for the replies think i will just have to use rule 5
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    I would also ask your Doc or physical re-hab about exercises to strenghten your neck muscles AFTER the break has healed. And make sure to do the re-hab for getting full range-of-motion.

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    I broke my wrist and was sure I'd need some sort of support for cycling in the future. But ten weeks later I was cycling and cross country skiing with it. Once the bone heals your confidence will slowly return. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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    I broke my neck,not seriously i may add. Never even thought of wearing a brace. Idid give it plenty of time to heal though.