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Tubular Questions

lbmxj560lbmxj560 Posts: 51
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Hi all

I just have a couple of quick questions about tubulars:

1. Is it possible/ok to remove an already glued tyre from a wheel and then re-fit it? I have got a set of tubs that i bought last summer but on checking them the other day the glue seems to have hardened quite a bit. I'm sure they are ok (the tyres are still in great condition - I don't want to throw them away) but would rather re-fit them if at all possible.

2. Can anyone suggest a cheap tubular rim (rim only) that I can use to pre-stretch my spare tires?

Thanks as always


  • herzogherzog Posts: 197
    1 - yes
    2 - you can also use a cheap clincher rim (may be cheaper)
  • The glue dries in 20 minutes, so I would not be worried about the glue being dry.

    As above, you can stretch the tub on any rim
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  • If you want a Tub rim to stretch them on I'd look 2nd hand. The Kinlin TB25 is $40 but likely to cost more at customs. The market is just too small to have much in the way of options though.

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  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,065
    to add to the above...

    1- unless you can easily push the tub away from the rim, the glue is ok - traces of exposed glue at the very edge can become hard/brittle, but just inside still be fine

    2- do you actually need to stretch them? not all tub/rim combinations need stretching, i find veloflex carbons (and the tufo i use as a spare) go on fine as-is, but some, like conti, are notorious for being much harder to fit
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  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    No need to import the TB25 there is U.K distribution how do I know?. I asked around my local club for old knackered sprint wheels and got a couple. Do the same tub users will always help out other tub users.

    conti's barely stretch and Vittoria on Nemesis rims don't need stretching. -wheel building and other stuff.
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