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Can't access main site - only forums

xixangxixang Posts: 235
For some reason I cannot access the main site, reviews, news etc and can only view the forums, and then only if I go direct. I've tried with Chrome and Firefox and same issue with both. It's ok on IE though :? I did have an issue with forums as well but solved that by removing chrome, installing FF then going to forums successfully then reinstalling chrome.

I've tried going direct, via google etc but nothing working. I've even removed and reinstalled both Chrome and FF. I think this is purely on my laptop as everything is fine on wifes laptop. Is it an add on or other setting missing?

I get the screen below but no links work. Any ideas as I hate using IE

PS - Just tried triradar and cycling news and they work fine!!



  • VelonutterVelonutter Posts: 2,437 Lives Here
    Check your blocking software there was a known bug in one of the releases, update and the problem should be fixed, I had the same problem on Facebook.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    no probs with FF, chrome or safari.
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  • xixangxixang Posts: 235
    I don't have any blocking software I'm aware of and anyway, it works fine with IE so I'd expect it to be blocked on all browsers.

    I've no issues with any other browser on any other pc - work, friends, wifes etc. Only mine (except IE). It's microsoft trying to force me into using their browser

    EDIT. Now tried safari and that works. More confused than ever
  • xixangxixang Posts: 235

    After many uninstalls and reinstalls of browsers I think I've sort of sorted the problem. Safari worked from new install and I remembered FF imported bookmarks from chrome when I installed it so decided maybe there was something wrong there. Starting afresh (chrome) and everything was fine for a short while then suddenly all BR links other than forum would result in screen pasted above. Same time and again. Never managed to suss why but got annoyed enough to completely remove chrome and run FF instead - so far everything working as it should. Not sure why my chrome won't work - same version as wife uses and all fine there.

    If anyone does have any ideas would appreciate it as I still prefer chrome
  • I had exactly the same problem with the website not rendering properly and coming up as simple text in Firefox 26.0 on my PC (Win7 64-bit). I could see the forums ok but couldn't login as that goes back to the main site, and the 'simple text' mode doesn't have a link to login. It worked fine with previous versions of FF.

    Updating to the current version of Firefox (27.0) seemed to have fixed it initially, but it came back the next time I visited the site (I have FF set to delete everything when I close it down). It doesn't seem to affect CyclingNews or TriRadar websites though.

    It's not a case of the server not recognising the browser user agent string (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:27.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/27.0 in my case) and defaulting to a 'low' version of the site is it?
  • I have exactly the same problem on my PC. Main site is just text version, but forum OK. Cannot log in. I was running Firefox but changed to Chrome to see if it would fix the issue, which it did initially. However, it's back to text version again. PC is running XP Pro.

    My laptop (Win7 / Chrome) is displaying the site OK.

    Would like to know what the problem is and how it can be resolved.

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  • Did you get this sorted? Mine was fine for a bit, but now it's gone all simple text and can't get on with Chrome. Using IE now, ugh!
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