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Specialized Dolce Elite 2013 or Trek Lexa SL Triple 2014

Naomies117Naomies117 Posts: 2
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Hi all,
I was hoping some people may have some advice on these two bikes after going for a few spins on them:

Specialized Dolce Elite Equipped Triple 2013 and the Trek Lexa SL Triple 2014
Both within my budget

I'm a newbie to road biking and have been on and off using an old road bike, which grew on me (not the bike but being on the road/fitness). I was advised that a good fitting bike would make the ride all the more enjoyable which led me to invest in a decent frame and groupset. However I'm stuck making a decision on which one to get!

The bike would be used for commute and weekend rides and would love to do a London to Brighton ride eventually.

My gut feeling says Specialized as I did feel more at ease with the top tube sloping ever so slightly from my groin (more than the Trek). Also is there be a difference in manufacture dates? (Specialized 2013 | Trek 2014).

Your opinions are much appreciated.



  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    My wife has a Dolce - although not the elite - and is happy on it - she'd prefer a carbon bike though - not that it'd be much faster!
    The Dolce is noticeably heavier than my Tarmac (carbon) despite it being a smaller size - not sure how it compares to the Trek? iirc, the Dolce weighed in at 10Kg on the road.
    I've just replaced the Sora triple with my 105 (5700) stuff. A nice little upgrade that'll keep her going for a bit. The 34/28 combo she can go down to is not far off the bottom end 30/26 on the triple, but with the bonus that it's easier to get to without changing on the front the whole time. and the 105 offer smoother changes anyway - that and the hidden cable routing make it much nicer IMHO

    But it's a comfortable bike for her and she's fine for distances on it - and that's the critical thing, comfort ...
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