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Sherwood Pines - Trail / Singletrack Network (Noob)

McNab_79McNab_79 Posts: 82
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Heading up to Notts in Feb for a week to visit family and going to take the bike with me.

Only started MTBing toward the end of last year (bought my first MTB in Sept - Rockrider 8.1) and have so far only done a bit of general XC in Kent.

Just wondered what Sherwood Pines is like and views on it for a Noob. I''ve checked out the site (Forestry Comm) for Pines and I see it's categorised as Adventure Trail, Bike Park, Singletrack Network and The Kitchenor Trail.

I'm intrigued by the 'over 45 mils of unmarked singletrack' and guess this would lead me to making up my route as I went along, but do all of the above intertwine with one another, or are they all separate Trails/ Networks?
It's my first MTB


  • iDadiDad Posts: 68
    Many people here seem to slate the pines and its red route as being too tame for their skill levels (snobs I call them lol ) I personally find it a good short blast when unable to get out in to the peaks.

    The red route is around 10.5miles (if mapmyride gps thing is correct) just under an hour for a slightly unfit 16st 40+ yr old  there are some interesting bits that I like riding and some boring bits….but in all for what it is I don’t thinks its too bad.
    I hear they’ve been busy through the later part of last year and January adding new features…hoping to get out there in next few weeks myself.

    Loads of other tame XC tracks around that area to ride within the pines and Clumber Park only a few miles away and lots of tracks between the Pines and there if you’re willing to find them on maps and gps 
  • With the deluge of rain over the last couple of weeks the overused and abused Kitchener trail is mostly a sloppy skidpan! It wouldn't suprise me if the ignoramuses that persist in destroying the surface cause liquifaction and they disappear in quicksand.
    Rant over, but don't expect to go with any flow!
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,533
    Bits of it have been like a swamp when I have been in the summer before, so dread to think how much standing water there will be right now... Always found it good fun though. Some find it a but tame (not me, but then I enjoy anthing as long as I am on a bike and outside!), but if you only recently started it would be perfect - if the conditions werent too poor, which alas I think they may be.
  • As stated before it is very muddy in places at the moment, there are also diversions in place on some parts of the Kitchener trail (Red route) and the bike park is closed due to forest operations. Also due to the high winds there have been a number of downed trees and branches so caution should be used. The 45 miles of trails refers to total unmarked trails around the forest, there are green, blue and red (Kitchener) routes clearly marked from the car park.
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