super vs stoker??

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Bell helmets tend to fit my head perfectly...
my old varients retention system has finally given up the ghost :( so its time for a new skid lid!! :D

I am torn between the Bell Super and The new 2014 Stoker... is the super worth the extra £30??

which would you go for??
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  • peter413
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    Not used the Stoker but I love my Super. Best XC helmet I've ever used. There are a few things I should point out though.

    Firstly, the retention system fits lower down the back of your head compared to the Variant, this could be bad for some people (I have both in medium). The strap towards the front is slightly further back meaning it can take a bit of getting used to (it covers my ear slightly) but it also means that you can run the strap loose enough not to choke you and the strap won't go over your chin (I always had this problem with the Variant and all other XC helmets). If you use glasses that are wide (such as Oakley Radars) they don't fit under the helmet sides. And lastly, and this is me being really really picky, the decals are just stickers, not transfers like those on the the Variant.

    That's the bad stuff out of the way, and none of that is actually bad, so now for the good stuff. It is cheaper than nearly all the competition, the fit is very adjustable (both around the head and on the back), the padding is proper padding unlike most XC helmets (as in it provides proper comfort and padding like a full face), it's very good looking IMO and the adjustable visor is very useful. Not had a chance to test how cool it is in the summer since I only got it at Christmas but all the reviews seem to suggest it is. If you use goggles it works really well with them as well. The Go Pro mount is a nice little touch as well and is very easy to remove and re-fit.