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Name that fork (retro)

mathematicsmathematics Posts: 453
edited January 2014 in MTB general
Just got the old mountain bike down from the hangers - not used in years!

I'm prepping it for a run to Dalby in a couple of weeks. I'm new to cycling in general but been road cycling mostly since getting back into it and now giving the mucky stuff a go with a 14 yr old cheapo bike :D.

The fork is a Marzocchi Bomber with Z4 on the serial sticker - I think it's an air fork as it has schroeder type valves on top of each stanchion. I think it's a 2000 model with an MG arch and open bath technology apparently. I've measured the travel which appears to be around 70-75mm. I would like to know what fork it is so I can get the manual and make sure it's running ok and adjust if necessary. So gear swears on a postcard please....

I've attached some pics. Beware it's an old bike so nothing pretty sorry :(







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