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SLR01 Ultegra vs Foil 10

teestyketeestyke Posts: 7
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Thinking of "investing" a significant (for me anyway) amount of cash on a new steed.
Currently ride a 2008 Spesh Allez triple (bad weather bike) and a 2011 Spesh Tarmac SL2 (105).
I'm not particularly "expert" in any one area of cycling. I'm no mountain goat and neither am I a powerhouse on the flats. Only done one sportive (Etape Pennines on the Tarmac - not bad for starters) but would like to do more. Most of my cycling consists of commuting (luckily mostly country lanes) and 2 hour blasts with the club (once or twice a week) over varying terrain.
The two I'm considering are:-
2014 BMC SLR01 Ultegra.
Pros:- Frame gets good write up / Bit "different" - stand out from the crowd. Cons:- Lower spec groupset/components.
2013 Scott Foil 10.
Pros:- Top of the range groupset (Sram Red). Cons:- Harsher ride?
Because of the discount on the Foil, both bikes are coming in at roughly the same price.
Will obviously try both out for size (I've read that the BMC may feel slightly "long and low" compared to what I'm used to) but an extended test ride won't be possible. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts or observations about my two (current) choices and whether I'd notice a significant improvement over my Tarmac.


  • roktrokt Posts: 493
    I've started taking my lad to a "turbo night" at a local sports centre and a guy there
    has a 2013 SLR01. It's the white & black one with Dura-ace and hell it looks
    very nice.

    I've no idea what it rides like and can not comment on the Foil, that also look
    quite nice :D
  • I’ve mentioned this in a previous thread but IMO the Foil does not give a stiff/harsh ride. I've got a 2012 Foil 10 which was at time of release made with the higher end carbon (I think the newer 10’s have been downgraded). I had it built up, rode two short test rides then did the London 100. Instead of coming back battered I felt absolutely fine and I’ve ridden it on some more lengthy rides since*. It’s a rocket too. There can’t be much power lost when using a good crankset in that big BB. It’s also pretty damn light. My S frame with Zipp 303 tubs and Record group comes in at sub 6kg.

    *If you want epic rides on a Foil just ask Grill. He’s been to the moon and back on his (almost).
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    I've had two Foils, fantastic bikes. A good buddy of mine (who happens to manage a Spec shop) recently rode one of my Foils. After the ride he said that he wanted to ditch his his Tarmac SL3 and get a Foil. If that's not praise, I don't know what is.

    The only difference between the HMX and HMF Foils is the weight. They've been tuned to deliver identical rides. I find them quite comfortable and did the BCM (620km) as well as many other audaxes on it last year.
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  • Thanks for the feedback. Did some more digging and managed to find a few threads / articles supporting the view that the Foil is not a particularly harsh ride.
    I'll let you all know if I do pull the pin and go for it - pictures in the Your Road Bikes section methinks!!!
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