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Pro Lite Gavia - brake pads?

page23page23 Posts: 182
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I recently picked up a set of these on ebay. I guess they are 2-3 years old but wondered if anyone knew which brake pads they use? Although they are carbon I'm unsure if the braking surface is, as it may have a coating. The product info states they originally come with pads from pro lite but I find the company very unhelpful. The guy I purchased them from is unsure since he was selling them from a bike he'd bought off ebay.

Any help or advice you might be able to offer is much appreciated.


  • SemantikSemantik Posts: 537
    Seem to remember the gavia has a carbon brake track. If they were supplied with brake pads when new it would seem certain that they are carbon rims. Carbon specific pads are usually supplied with most carbon rimmed wheelsets.
  • page23page23 Posts: 182
    Interestingly bikeradar reviewed the wheels. They mention a ceramic braking strip: ... set-39938/

    Would this change the type of pad required?
  • SemantikSemantik Posts: 537
    Not aware of any brake pad just for ceramic coated rims.Pro-Lite are not in the First Division for quality so would imagine the pads they supplied would just be carbon specific pads,such as the ones you get from Planet X or with Chinese carbon wheels.
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