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Ban on "Unsafe" HGV's

ddraverddraver Posts: 22,594
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Fair enough Boris, pull that off and I ll be impressed...
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  • EKE_38BPMEKE_38BPM Posts: 5,980
    I'll believe it when I see it.

    I hope I see it.
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  • jongingejonginge Posts: 5,945
    May be unrelated but there was a HGV checkpoint at the Tate on millbank this morning.
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  • Borris can make all the enforcement calls he can, if no one is bothered to enforce it, yet alone the current laws, then whats the point. Th epolice proved you can find 9,500 motiorists and 4,000 f*cking things up in london if you actually bother to look!
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  • Yeah I thought the same. Every time the police have a big crackdown on lorries and drivers they find between 60 -100% of them break the law somehow (unsafe lorries plus drivers breaking their rules/license violations etc)...and these are current laws.

    This will have little effect unless police have the resources to enforce it...not sure they do, especially as they've probably spent their road enforcing budget for the next 10 years recently...
  • There's an HGV checkpoint at least every other week on Vauxhall Bridge in the mornings - and then another checkpoint for other vehicles halfway down Vauxhall Bridge Road occasionally too (possibly 1 in every 4 HGV checks).

    The stupid thing about the HGV checkpoint on the bridge is that they pull them over into the northbound bus lane which they cone off... and force all the cyclists into the main traffic on the bridge which seems to be a steep uphill to many nodders.
  • monkimarkmonkimark Posts: 763
    I work on mahor building projects and a lot of main contractrs now insist that delivery vehicles are registered with FORS

    I don't know how stringently it is checked (eg if vehicles are reinspected etc) but the advantage is that the police don't need to enforce new legislation. If the vehicle isn't registered then it's not allowed on site and if they're not allowed on site then there's no reason for them to be on the road.

    Doesn't stop a lot of the drivers from being borderline phsychpaths of course...
  • mtb-idlemtb-idle Posts: 2,178
    as with all things there will be risk, issues & challenges to be overcome or RAIDs as we might refer to them in Project-land but the good news is that he's targeting the problem (lorries with massive blind areas) and not the victim (usually a cyclist) for once.
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  • Apparently this will be enforced by camera, so police involvment to enforce is not required
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