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BB30 and PF30

arthur_scrimshawarthur_scrimshaw Posts: 2,596
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Evening, some months ago I bought what was advertised as a bb30 bottom bracket. I didn't check it but I've now gone to use it (on a Boardman CX) and it's actually a pf30 that I bought. Apart from kicking myself is there anything I can do to make it fit or do I need to sell it and get a proper bb30? Its a SRAM component.


  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    PF30 bearings are contained inside cups and the cups are pressed into the frame .

    BB30 bearings have no cups, instead they have a grooved BB shell which snap rings are used with.

    I do not see how you can use the PF30 with a BB30 frame.
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  • majormantramajormantra Posts: 2,094
    As above, no. Punt it in the classifieds.

    PF30 is sometimes sold as "PressFit BB30" which might be where the confusion arose.
  • Bought it off someone on here, gone back to the post and it was described as a BB30 but hey ho, should have checked it months ago.
    Thanks for the input guys, I'll order a new set. Took the old bearings out, one had seized up and wasn't turning luckily caught it before it ruined the crank axle. I cleaned them out and re greased, keep me going until the new ones arrive.
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