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Commencal Meta SL travel

rafalmrafalm Posts: 20
edited February 2014 in MTB general
Hi all,

I just got commencal meta sl vip frame and I am wondering what fork travel can it take? Manual suggest that it should be 120mm (490mm axle to crown lenght) can i put 140mm on it? Will it afect frame geometry/handling etc?


  • POAHPOAH Posts: 3,369
    putting a 140 fork on will affect geometry and handling plus commecal may not warranty the frame if you put a 140 mm fork on it
  • rafalmrafalm Posts: 20
    Ok thanks for your answer. I have seen a guy on one of the mtb forums cycling on the same frame with fox 36 160 travel which guess is a good bit too much. Was thinking that would be good to have 140mm travel and was not sure if 20mm axle to crown difference will be too much. Just wondering if the frame would actually handle it without problems or eventually longer fork would damage the frame?
  • DCR00DCR00 Posts: 2,160
    20mm should be ok

    Will slacken out the HA and raise the BB height, but 20mm probably wont wreck the handling

    I ran 140mm forks on my last bike and it came supplied as a 120mm

    Email Commencal and ask them. Spesh said to me that 20mm was fine for my bike, but no more.
  • Check that if you put a 140mm fork on to it tha the axle to crown measurement only extends 20mm as say a fox 34 at 140mm and a fox 32 at 140mm will more than likely have different measurements.
  • rafalmrafalm Posts: 20
    Fair enough, thanks for helping out guys.
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