New Sram Red/force vs Shimano 9000 front shifting

richiegwy Posts: 171
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Not to start an argument on which groupset is better, I'm looking for feedback on what the differencces are in feel between the front shifting on Dura ace 9000 and New sram red/force 22.

I am building a new race bike and deciding which groupset to go for (Sram RED/Force 22, Dura ace 9000 or Ultegra Di2 6870). I currently ride old red and while I love the rear positive "machine gun like" shifting the front is terrible. I tried a 9000 equiped bike and couldn't believe how light and smooth the shifting was. It almost felt too light and there wasn't the same level of feedback I'm used to but it was still beatiful. I havent tried the new ultegra di2 yet but will be soon. I like the idea of no trim on sram and di2.

I dont think I will get an opportunity to try the new sram front shifting so I am wondering for those who have tried both how would you compare the front shifting to dura ace 9000. Is it as light, heavier, just as smooth, not so good....