My 2013 Ghost SE 2970 - 29er Hardtail

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Hi guys,

After years of riding only 26inch MTB's - of which I still have a old school ridgid and a Stumpy FSR - I have now taken a leap and got my first 29er.

Its a 2013 Ghost SE 2970 which I got from a Friendly Dealer in my German Hometown and than I brought it back to the UK.
Here is a photo of the bike.


I have had my first ride out on very wet and muddy trails and it rides very well. I had to move the seat a bit more forward and the stem is currently a bit long for me (130mm) but I have ordered a shorter one already.

This will be my winter / long distance trail ride.

Does Anyone else on here has a Ghost?


  • Lewis A
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    Looks very nice. I'm first to say that the stem is longer than the great wall.
    Cube Analog 2012 with various upgrades.
  • That looks nice, what does it weigh?

    I have a 2013 Ghost Cagua which was not what I intended buying when I walked into the shop. I was really impressed how it rode, the sheer value and the quality of the welds on the frame.

    I also liked the fact that it was something different.

    Enjoy your new ride, (and get that stem sorted before you take someone's eye out)
  • Lars1974
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    weight is about 13.3kg - according to their own website.
    I will do a proper measurement.

    and yes, new Stem should arrive today or tomorrow...! otherwise my back gets stretched too long!
  • What stem did you go for?

    This thing looks like it will eat up the trails. I had a go on a 29er hard tail last week and was impressed how speed they can carry.
  • Lars1974
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    Festerfeet wrote:
    What stem did you go for?

    This thing looks like it will eat up the trails. I had a go on a 29er hard tail last week and was impressed how speed they can carry.

    just a basic Crank Brothers iodine 1 with 100mm - was on offer at only £18. if that is still too long than i will got a shorter, but should be ok
  • Lars1974
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    Here is another picture of the Beast.


    i am still getting used to how big these wheels are! It huge compared to the 26er fully I have... :roll: :wink: :shock:
  • Cool...I'm be interested in what you think about this bike. I just ordered the same one and waiting for delivery. I'm a beginner...looking to use it for commuting and some trail riding during the weekends. Can't wait to get hold of it. What size is your frame ? Also, is the finish a Matt Silver or glossy ?? Your thoughts on the bike would me much appreciated :D
  • Lars1974
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    Mine is a large frame as i am 6ft2. The silver finish is matt and i like it very much.
    Only done one ride so far, but its fast! Brakes and gears are very slick.
  • Lars1974
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    Today I took the Ghost to Swinley for the first time! Its very fast and surprisingly nimble around the trails. Even in the tight sections of the stickler it performed well. The long stem (which is still on but turn round so its 6 degrees up instead of down) helps put weight over the front wheel so it steers nicely...

    Here are a few shots i took.




    Great fun! And afterwars rewarding 1 hour cleaning session! 8)
  • Nice, pics. Sounds like you got a great bike there.

    I decided to cancel my order as I wasn't sure on a 29er. Looks like I missed out :)

    Have fun!!