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Decent vintage road bikes £200 ish

blessmybikeblessmybike Posts: 3
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Hi everyone :)
I have been biking to and from work (only 3 miles ish each way) for the last few years on 40 quid road bikes from eBay that aren't a make at all. I'd like to get a lighter road bike, with decent gears and decent breaks but having had 2 bikes stolen (my dad's fold up one I borrowed recently) I don't think I want a brand new swanky one that some little blighter is going to rob the first week I have it. Can anyone recommend any older bikes that are decent and meet my criteria but don't look too swanky? Vintage models or older makes? Or good basic road bikes that aren't too desirable- if such things exist!
Much obliged for any help whatsoever :)


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