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Marmotte public transport

fuzzdogfuzzdog Posts: 196
I'm considering doing the Rando Marmotte or the Mi Marmotte.
I will most likely be travelling on my own. Does anyone have any experience of public transport in the areas close to Alpe d'Huez. Most of the hotels are booked near the finish and I would probably have to camp or stay further up the valley. I don't fancy trying to cycle to far, especially if it's uphill with luggage. Are there decent bus services up and down the valley between places like Grave and the Alpe? I know about the bag carrying service etc that the race organisers offer. I was also thinking of transport for my girlfriend ( non cyclist) if she were to come.
Any advice much appreciated.


  • Here's a link that might help: And you can get extra information, like bus timetables, from the tourist office:

    I have seen people cycling home after the event in the direction of Grenoble; I don't know whether they came to the start under their own steam as well. And I've seen fully laden 'tourists' on the Rando making a very respectable pace up the Glandon.

    Remember, you need to get to the start in Bourg d'Oisans for the Rando and Valloire for the Mi Marmotte.
  • fuzzdogfuzzdog Posts: 196
    Thanks for that. trying to work it all out seems quite complicated. just getting there from the airport seems like a feat in itself.
    Also today I just realised that it is all happening the same weekend as the tour is in England. The irony of being in the French Alps while the tour de France speeds past my work in London might be too much to bare.
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