Chainset upgrade from FSA Gossamer

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Want to upgrade the chainset on my Supersix 105. There are some good deals on groupsets but happy with the rest of kit.

Happy with shifting so don't want to spend £900 + on dura ace or SRAM red.

Recommendations, any thoughts?


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  • smidsy
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    vespario wrote:
    Recommendations, any thoughts?

    Don't pi55 of MattC59 or he will call you names :mrgreen: . ... oh and wait until your chainset needs replacing
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  • LankyDJ
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    Have a 2012 Supersix myself and have looked into this. Did seem like a lot of faf to me. To go 105 group you're talking BB adapter. Just seems like too much of a pain in my view.

    Gossamer is ok, if you're going to upgrade, it deserves great wheels!
  • jordan_217
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    Yes, stellar recommendation - the FSA SL-K light that came off my CAAD10. Compact double - 175mm.

    As good as new, £85 - you know you want it….

    Seriously, I've got a box of parts that I need to photograph and stick in the classifieds/eBay. If you're interested send me a PM.
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  • vespario
    vespario Posts: 228
    Have great wheels and tyres.
    Looked at FSA SLK but I need 170mm and compact. Very hilly where I am!
    Thanks though?