Turbo Trainers, 29er

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Hi guys decided to get a turbo trainer, it's far too cold wet and windy outside and it's not going to get better anytime soon.

Are turbo trainers any good, would I be better to use it in the garage or inside. Do they cause a lot of wear on the bike?

Also I'm having trouble finding one for a 29 inch mountain bike. Would I need to put a special tyre on to work properly

Any help on this?


  • njee20
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    Virtually any will work with a 29er, but if you use a knobbly tyre it'll shred it, be very noisy and prone to slipping. I'd get a proper 700c turbo tyre if I were you, but that's a pain unless you have a separate wheel. Do you not have a road bike you could use on it?

    IMO garage is better, you get very very hot, I stick a massive fan infront of me in the garage.
  • Alright so if I get a cheap wheel and stick a 700c road tyre on it what would I do about a cassette and chain, im under the impression I shouldnt go mixing new chains and old cassettes.

    Would I need to swap the chain everytime I swapped to the 'training wheel'