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ProssPross Posts: 25,514
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I think the time has come to replace our club road race numbers which must be at least 25 years old, have seen better days and now have a few missing. The existing numbers are doubles, does anyone know if there is a BC requirement for double numbers / two single numbers to be used in road races or is a single number sufficient? I'm sure I've done races with a single number but not sure if this is strictly allowed. Also, does anyone have any recommendations for the best place to get numbers? I've looked at Impsport but are there any decent alternatives? Also, details of suppliers for other race equipment would be useful (code of practice signs, flags, bell, lap board etc.) as I need to do a full equipment audit and replace what we need. Cheers.


  • fish156fish156 Posts: 496
    From the BC rule book:
    8.5 Race Numbers
    8.5.3 With the exception of time trials, motor pace, tandem events and pursuits where a single number only is required, two body numbers, or a one piece panel equivalent to this, shall be worn in all road and track events.
  • ProssPross Posts: 25,514
    Cheers. I couldn't find that but assumed it was the case. So that's close to £500 for two sets of numbers! :shock:
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,084
    I guess that rule must be pretty flexible. We've always used single numbers for our events and never been pulled up by the comm or anyone else. As long as the numbers are easily visible by either the following car or line judges, then I don't see the issue.
  • sub55sub55 Posts: 1,025
    these chaps are where all the testers get them Pross
    not to far from home either so possibly avoid the P and P
    wouldn't get the white ones, though as they are against TT regs .
    signage to
    constantly reavalueating the situation and altering the perceived parameters accordingly
  • ProssPross Posts: 25,514
    Thanks for that. They look far more reasonable. Anyone know if CTT sizes are the same as BC for race numbers?
  • fish156fish156 Posts: 496
    BC rule book :
    Note: Details of recommended sizes for numbers are available from B.C.F. Headquarters.

    As it's not explicitly specified, I'd suggest CTT sizes would be OK.
  • sub55sub55 Posts: 1,025
    CTT requirements are 200mm and fluorescent . Pretty certain BC regs are 175mm or bigger, but of course you do need 2 numbers in BC event. Which is why riders fold them up .
    constantly reavalueating the situation and altering the perceived parameters accordingly
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