Mathematical formula to assess climbing potential



  • 86inch
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    I personally wouldn't take it as total gospel. Take a look at riders like Laurent Fignon, Miguel Indurain, TJ Van Garderen, those guys had no climbing issues yet their physical builds don't suggest to me that the formula would say they were mountain goats like Delgado, Herrera or Quintana.

    I would take the formula as a load of old tosh.... along with most of the other bonkers formulas you see these days in the cycling world. The only thing that counts is performance on the road :wink:
  • florerider
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    Strangely enough I got 2.35, same as a well know rider called Lance.

    Other similarities are uncanny: ride a Madone, haven't won the TdF five times, not going to win anything soon. :lol:

    Formula obviously works. :roll:
  • jotko
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    At current full fat winter weight =

    weight (lbs)/height (inches) = 2.35
    FTP (W)/weight (kg) = 3.2 W/kg

    End of last summer =

    weight (lbs)/height (inches) = 2.26
    FTP (W)/weight (kg) = 3.47 W/kg

    Not sure I can (or want to) get my weight down to get in the under <2 range, I would need to lose nearly 2 stone!
  • johnny25
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    2.2 for me (72kg and 1.80m).

    Anything over 8% and I start to fall away, quickly.
  • Emphursis
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    2.05, get in! I've not got the stamina for long, draggy climbs though. Short sharp ones, I can sprint up quite handily.
  • 2.5 :)

    still, i dont just ride bikes so i need arms and shoulders that can do more than stop me falling onto the stem.
  • 1.8 :lol:
  • florerider
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    1.8 :lol:

    must be horrible to know your climbing is as good as it's going to be :mrgreen:

    at least those of us in the 2s have potential, its going from potential to actually having climing ability that hurts :cry:
  • rolf_f
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    1.8 :lol:

    Lardbucket! :lol:
    Faster than a tent.......
  • 2.08. Not bad i suppose but plenty of scope for improvement.
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  • 1.57. Shame I lack the power for short steep ones :(
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  • alanholden wrote:
    1.57. Shame I lack the power for short steep ones :(

    2.6 doubt much power but fair bit of torque, slow but steady, steep not a problem, no chance of taking any ones KOM!