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garw valley

apple eaterapple eater Posts: 302
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i've recently found this site and wondered if it's worth the drive for just a couple of short runs. i see the reviews give it a good rating but any others on here been there and recommend/don't recommend going?
I don't know enough to make smart r's remarks about peoples choice of parts 'n' things, yet!


  • jimothy78jimothy78 Posts: 1,407
    Haven't been myself, but a few of the lads from my club went a while back, and the general feeling I got from the feedback was that it was good fun, but the climb was hard work and the descent was not as flowy as they would have liked. That said, some of them do seem to resent anything that isn't fireroad spin to the top and full-blown charge to the bottom ;)

    Depends how far you're driving and how much time you've got - also, if you can do it as a side order to a main course at Afan, Cwmcarn or BPW, then it might make it more worth your while.
  • I did it over the Christmas break and pretty much had the place to ourselves, no one out there at all!

    The black is not too bad and the rock steps look a lot worse on the bike than they actually are looking back up the trail.

    The climb is steep singletrack and shared with walkers in places (although I doubt you'd see anyone) and relatively short but I thought it wasn't worth the graft.

    I wouldn't go there just to ride this, worth doing as part of a day/weekend to afan as it's only just down the road
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