Fitting Campag ergo gear cables?

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Apologies if this has been asked before, have done a quick search and can't find anything. I have just bought new Campag Ergo cables, which come with a tiny brass doughnuts with a nylon insert (sorry no pictures, my photography and posting skills aren't up to this), does anyone know what this doughnut is for?

There's no reference in the Campag Tech Manual and I can't find anything on their site. My guess is that this component fits on the ergo lever end of the gear cable or inserts in the ergo levers?


  • I'm a bit baffled by this- I've changed a lot of campag cables over the years on my bikes and don't remember any brass doughnuts being involved at all!

    You should have gear inner and outer cables. The only other things you should have in the box are a few shiny metal ferrules for the ends of the section of gear outer near your rear mech.

    When I last changed mine, I remember there might have been a brass circle embedded in the ergolever, where the cable was fed through. It didn't look like something that'd ever need replacing, though.

    I suppose that if you take out the old gear cable and no brass circle comes out with the cable, then there's no need to worry about putting the 'new' ones anywhere near your bike!

    Happy to be corrected if this is a recent change with campag that I've missed.
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    They're packaged in with the ferrules and on closer inspection of the levers do appear to correspond with inserts - guess they've stared supplying spares with the cables, I'd not seen them before either,