Audax/Road bike under £500

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Hi guys, I am new here, anyway I would like to ask you for advice, I am sure this will help to put order in my mind :)

I am going to buy a new road bike, but I would like a model which is versatile enough to do some light touring. My girlfriend found a great deal and bought a Trek SL1000
for £270! We put a rack and bigger tires on it and looks perfect also for touring, all for 330£ in total!

Now, I am looking for this kind of bargain. I have been testing and watching around the internet, but I am really confused. I wouldn't buy a bike from the internet without having tested it, but I guess it can be the case if I want to save some money.

I am mainly wondering whether it is convenient, with my budget (400-500£) to look for an Audax (it must be light and with carbon fork, also a good shifter is fundamental for me) or a Road Bike which I could easily turn into a Light Touring bike, by adding a rack and putting bigger tires and mudguards, etc.

I have seen, around, these:

- Trek Lexa
- Roux Vercors R7
- Roux Menthe
- I heard good about Surosa Audax models, but I actually cannot find anything cheap on the internet.

Could you help me with this? I am quite disoriented XD