£ 1000:00

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Although not for me,what's the best bang for my pal's buck at around a grand ?

Hit me with suggestions guys,can be 2013.10speed.

He's seen this http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/cube-agree-gtc-pro-compact-road-bike-2013/rp-prod111918.

Any good ?
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  • Keith1983
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    I'm looking at a Planet X pro carbon.

    http://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/CBPXSLPULT ... -road-bike
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    Have a look at Rose & Canyon bikes
  • upperoilcan
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    Thanks guys.
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    Good idea to do some test rides to actually see and ride the bikes. They may be too race orientated or too comfortable.
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    Totally agree I would never buy a bike without getting my leg over, I cannot believe people would just buy one on recommendation.
    I also mountain bike (Hangs head in shame) and nearly bought the orange five, highly rated, took one out, absolutely hated it, felt like a tank. Test drove a Zesty a world of difference.
    Its a costly mistake to make !

    P.S Cube bikes seem to be everywhere, so you might be able to test one locally.
    Just Kidding !

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    I never mentioned that he wasn't going to try it first ( Which of course he is) think of this thread as market research as I'm just trying to find what's out there for a grand that he can take a gander at and then swing his leg over should he like what he see's :D
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