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TARMAC SL4 2014 Range

tdougantdougan Posts: 152
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Hi all,

I'm looking to get one of the new Tarmac's. I'm having little mini-debate on the model I'm going to go for. I'm leaning towards the elite.
That said - What's the deal with the different colours in different countries?

I found this:

I love this colour but you cant seem to get it in the UK, I also really like the Sport colour too (red). I think I would push the boat out and go for the expert if it looked like that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to buy (or not buy) a bike just because of the colour - but would make the whole thing a little easier.


  • The second picture looks like the fluro S-Works colour scheme they have available as framesets only this year. I'm in a similar boat to you, and am leaning towards the Tarmac Sport.There is an excellent investment made in the frame, but scope for upgrades. Elite doesn't warrant the extra £££'s imo.

    Though I am tempted by the Allez Race too...
  • SawilsonSawilson Posts: 171
    Brought a Roubaix Comp last week, I got it from my local Specailized concept store, they are all Franchises so it is kind of a LBS. I refuse to buy a bike unless I can take for a least a good blast around the block, after visiting lots of other bike shops, and being told we got one in but you can't demo it, or we can can get you one in but you'll have to buy it,I was getting rather cheesed off. What a revelation the Specialized store was, they have most models in most sizes, so I spent 2 hours test riding various models and specs, switching back and forth. I really liked the Tarmac and felt as though I could just race off, I opted for the Roubaix in the end though as the new SL4 frame is stiffer but it still offers a more comfortable ride as I intend to do more sportives this year. (Had a older Roubaix before)
    I took the interest free option, which normally means you have no bargaining power, but I managed to get them to replace the Axis 2 brakes with Ultegras to match groupset and got a free body fit thrown in which I would recommend to anyone, they swapped the saddle for a wider one (lard ar53) FOC.
    I do feel that these bike specific stores can offer you a better service, but I also wish there was some way the smaller independent stores, could offer you the same service, as they cannot afford a fleet of demo bikes.
    Let's see what the future holds ?
    Just Kidding !

    Specailized Roubaix Comp 2014
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