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Evening all

I am a casual cyclist - I have a hybrid bike and on evenings and weekends in fair weather only the wife and I will get out and about on our bikes and do a 10-12 mile bike ride locally. Coach potatoes we are not, but keen all-weather "proper" cyclists we are not either.

I have signed up at work to do a charity bike ride of quite a lot further distance and the main thing I'm confused about is what is appropriate clothing? I don't have any "proper" cycle gear at all. This will be a road cycle ride in february in mixed urban and rural conditions. If its anything like today, it could be anywhere from 2deg to 12deg C. Naively I'm going to guess that I'd freeze my arse off if I just wore some lycra something or other but perhaps this isn't true?

Completely confused and no idea what would be typical/appropriate to wear for this, so any tips, or links to any appropriate clothing on websites would be very much appreciated.



  • If your hybrid then you don't have to go out in full race bike lycra. (also its surprisingly warm as its thermal lined lycra gear and layers in winter.).

    Layers is best so you can adapt to suit. A decent fitting thermal long sleeve jersey, thermal base layer (you can get these cheap) and perhaps a jacket in case its wet.
    As for bottoms Have seen people with leggings under Mountain Bike Shorts or Mountain Bike / Cycling trousers for Hybrids.

    Big name stuff is just that, ££££ for a name. You can get decent stuff for acceptable prices.
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    depends a lot on how hard you are pushing, at high effort you need surprisingly little, but for an easy pace it's another matter

    as above, think 'layers'

    work out layer options beforehand, then once you know the weather you can be ready

    avoid cotton, it soaks up sweat/water likre crazy, then it'll be sticking and chafing/chilling you the rest of the day

    mesh vest (artificial fibre, not cotton!) next to the skin is good, stays comfy even if wet

    if you're sure you'll be comfy on the saddle for however long the ride is, fine, otherwise a pair of padded undershorts is a simple option

    a lightweight waterproof shell for if it rains, otherwise go for breathable

    non-flappy clothing is best, especially at speed, aside from the drag it can be amazingly noisy, which gets wearing after a few hours
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