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I only bought my first road bike around 8 months so I'm really new to cycling and all the possible injuries you can get.

I'm due to undertake a charity ride in the summer cycling End to End in 9 days (100 miles a day) and I've recently started upping my distatances during my training to ensure I'm ready for this. I'm now upto a 45 mile ride and plan a 50 mile ride this weekend. However, I've now noticed some niggling injuries which didn't occur on my shorter, daily commute to work but only during, or after, the longer ride.

In essence I'm getting pain at the tip of my fibula. At first, I thought this could be my IT Band so I've bought a foam roller and I'm doing exercises to strengthen this. However, I often get numbess down the outside of my foot and feel tightness up the outside of my calf during a ride. I've traced this up the calf and towards the tip of the fibula and I'm wondering whether this could be the problem? Is anyone aware of this? Also could it be how I have my cleats set up?

Fianlly, during my last ride after about 30 miles I started to feel pain in my Achilles which I've never felt before. I don't think I've strained it and think it may just be bruising. I wondering whether the tightness of overshoes over the top of my tights may have caused the problem since I've never experienced this before. Does anyone have any ideas?

When I bought the bike, the shop set me up on it so I believe it is fitted correctly. I'm a little relucatant to pay for another bike fit as they are quoting £180.