help my wife decide on her sunmmer ride

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my wife cant decide on her next bike , shes narrowed it down to two bikes these are 2014 charcoal/black specialized venge elite and 2014 wilier gtr 105 in lime and black . theres a cost difference off £500 i know but depending upon opinions we,ll stretch to get the spesh if you people feel its worth the extra cash. i know these bikes are for quite a different purpose ,and the gtr is probably going to be more comfortable and i have explained the ride on the spesh is going to feel firm compared ,but it is her choice. she current;y rides an spesh allez sport .and so this will become her winter bike. i should mention that her rides are no greater than 80 miles and these are mostly around the peak district , any opinions would be great :?


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    I have neither bikes by a friend has both a Venge and an SL4 Tarmac (similar geometry to her current Allez and the GTR).

    When the Venge was new and shiny a couple of years ago, he would ride it everywhere, but in the end he rebuilt the Tarmac for hilly and long distance rides as - if he was being honest - the Venge was too punishing for that sort of riding.

    If she likes the Venge, maybe look at the SL4 equivalents (Tarmac and Roubaix)?
  • Its only when you ride a very stiff frame with stiff wheels, you realise the benefits of something that smoothes out our shite roads….
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