11s Chain with 10s Cassette?

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Hi all

Would this be possible without damaging either chain or cassette? I've got a 6800 group to go on my new bike (once I get the frame) but wouldn't be wanting the hassle of having to swap my good tyres out when using the turbo.

Could I use a 10s wheel with cassette?



  • rafletcher
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    The chain will run ok on the cassette, as the internal width remains the same as previous chains - 10 & 9sp anyway. But if you're saying you want to put a 10sp wheel into an 11 p groupset, well I don't think the rear shifting will index well, if at all.
  • Ok thanks for the info. I wasn't too bothered about the indexing of the gears as it will only ever be used on the turbo. I can always use the resistance on the turbo to alter the effort levels.

    I was more worried about the 10s cassette doing some damage to the chain, or vice versa.