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Are Ribble bikes insured during delivery?

1964johnr1964johnr Posts: 179
edited January 2014 in Road buying advice
Just about to purchase a Ribble Gran Fondo and wondered what happens if your bike goes missing during transit after you have parted with your cash. Just e-mailed Ribble, but didn't get much of an answer. Anyone with a Ribble know the answer to this question?


  • guineaguinea Posts: 1,177
    It doesn't matter.

    You're covered by distance selling regulations.

    The bike is Ribble's responsibility until you get it and check it's in one piece.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    You'd not have received it - so its the same as anything else you buy mail order. Bikes or not.

    I'd think a bike going missing in transit is a very rare occurrence anyway.
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