First Road Bike - Giant TCR Composite 1 2013?

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I haven't cycled for almost 4 years (had children and lazy) and the last bike I had was an entry level mountain bike used occasionally on weekends. I've recently decided that it may be a good idea to cycle in for my commute (8.2 miles each way to central london).

I found a really good deal (I think) on last year's TCR composite 1 for £1249 and with my cyclescheme from work, I get another £420 off. I've already put down a small refundable deposit for this.

I've never ridden a road bike before and I haven't cycled for a while so I'm practically a beginner. Is this bike overkill? I've never ridden a road bike before; will I manage? Are there any tips/advice on how to move from a mountain bike to a road bike? I'm really nervous about riding this!

Also are there any other potentially better bikes? Seeing as I have the cyclescheme, I may as well max it out so my budget was up to £1300.

Thanks for any tips and advice!

Sorry, last question: is 8.2 miles easily doable? I've never ridden that far before though I can run 10k pretty easily. I just don't want to get stuck halfway in my commute!


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    Hi benjai,

    Have you tried doing a search on the BR forum, there will be plenty of views/reviews of this bike that may help you make a decision? Type the title you have used for this post into the search box at the top of this and the road buying advice forum and see what results you get.
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    I bought a 2013 TCR comp 1 in September & loved it, also my first road bike after MTB's. was intent of a Defy 1 but saw the TCR and couldnt resisit. great spec for the money. really smooth and suprisingly comfortable to ride. 8.2 miles will be a breeze for you. mine went back due to a crack appearing in the seat stay, had a ripple in the frame from new but then the crack appeared, was offered a 2012 comp 2 frame as an exchange which i didnt think was accepable as they still the bike in stock, so took a refund. Pride won't let me buy another but at a loss as what to replace with. PS i've checked others for the 'ripple' and not seen one so think i was unlucky. i'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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    Hi Benjai,
    I looked at buying the 2013 TCR Composite 1 when buying my new bike. I went with the 2014 TCR Composite 1 in the end. Got 10% of the RRP, paid about £1440.
    I was very close to buying the 2013 model for the same price as you mention. However was swayed by the newer group set. Pretty sure the difference was that the 2014 model has the newer 6800 Ultegra and the 2013 the older 6700 - I could be talking complete rubbish, but that was what the disinterested and rather annoying saleskid told me.
    Personally I think if you could stretch to the 2014 model with the 10% discount then its worth it, if not the 2013 is still a good bike for the money.
    There are an endless list of bikes about this price range though. But for a new guy to road bikes its a pretty good piece of kit. Ultegra is a good groupset and the frame feels stiff and resposive enough. Wheels aren't great, but your paying for a decent frame and group set. A lot of people tend to swap the wheels out as soon as they get the chance so wouldn't see this as too much of a down side. (2013 wheels are better than the 2014 supposedly)
    The geometry of the TCR is quite racey, I also ride a Trek Domane that is a nice relaxed position - the TCR might take a bit to get used to the positioning. Don't let it put you off your first few rides, your body will get used to it the more you ride - so when you get it, get riding!
    Good luck with your purchase and enjoy your riding - let us know what you decide upon.
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    Hi w00dster,

    Would you mind sharing where you got 10% off of the Giant TCR Composite 1?

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    Hi n8udd,
    Have sent you a PM with the details. Its not an advertised discount so not sure I can give the details out in the forum??