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Winter bib tights

mathematicsmathematics Posts: 453
edited January 2014 in Road buying advice

Has anyone tried Planet X 365 wind x bib tights?

How do they compare to funkier winter bib tights?

I have some endura winter tights, but looking for another pair - don't really want to pay out another £75. The funkier and Planet X look good value, but are they?



  • Hi Chris,

    Have just bought a pair of these myself and wore them for the first time yesterday.

    Early thoughts are that they seem fairly well made and are quite heavyweight as tights go, they have a thicker and slightly more rigid material on the front which doesn't "fit" like the rest of the tights and others I own which does have a disconcerting effect of giving you a bit of a Nora Batty look in the shin area. On the plus side they were very warm and the seat pad seemed reasonable and as you have rightly said fantastic value at £35.

    For myself they have been bought for the winter commute so not particularly bothered about appearance as if I was out on a sportive or social ride where possible Nora comments might not be so welcome.

    As with everything, down to personal choice but for me, good value, ideal for commute but not Sunday best.

  • Thanks Kevin.

    The funkier are the same price and from what you are saying will be a better fit - I can try them on anyway!!
  • Hi folks. I appreciate the Castelli sorpasso bib tights are a little pricey but have to say worth every penny, cosy warm and a great fit enough said.
  • marcuswwmarcusww Posts: 202
    I bought some Funkier ones and just sent them back. The material is too thin for the existing winter weather and the rear zip broke on mine after 2 rides. I would have persevered if the zip had not broke. Bought some DHB Zero instead - more cost £70 but really worth it regards warmth and wind stopper on the legs.
  • super_davosuper_davo Posts: 1,097
    I've got a set of the Planet X - Echostorm (slightly warmer version of the 365). Bought when they had 15% off for a bargain £27.
    Would second that they are really well made and toasty warm. And would also second the fit issues.
    They size really large; I'm 5ft8 and have got small but the legs look like they are designed for someone 6 inches taller than me, so you get bagginess around the ankles.
    The pad is also really thick; its not uncomfortable but just doesn't feel as supple as my other shorts and tights.
    Its a shame because apart from those details they've got pretty much everything else right. Still, perfect for commuting on cold mornings which is what I bought them for.
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