Cyclocross/commuting wheels - custom build

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Hi all.

I'm looking for some component advice for my commuter (Charge Filter Apex 2013). It has 130mm rear spacing but takes a disc hub.

The wheel that came with it has popped a spoke too many times ( I think it's either a tension issue or could just be the cheap spokes that come with it (Richmans according to this spoke head identification chart Anyway rather than get it respoked I'm looking to replace with a decent handbuilt wheel and herein lies the dilemma - do I get a 135mm O.L.D. hub and spring the frame every time I put it in or do I go with a 130mm hub of unknown quality (The only one I can find in my budget is the VIA Cyclocross hub on Brick Lane bikes - ... c-rear-hub).

If I go with the 135mm spacing I'm thinking a 32h H Plus Son Archetype laced to a Hope Pro Evo 2 with Sapim D-Lights.

Can anyone recommend a 130mm rear disc hub of reasonable quality? My budget for the whole wheel is £250 max. Ideally I'll be buying a front to match in the future too.

*edit - I'm planning on using 25mm-28mm slicks on it. I use a rack on the bike and carry 2 light panniers on it (less than 10kg max). I'm 74kg.


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  • DAYS I've been searching and you come up with the goods in minutes! Thanks!

    Looks like you've saved me some money too because I'm guessing the Shields branded hubs that came on the bike are rebranded novatechs. Now that I know what they are I feel like the can be trusted.
  • Well, it took me years to accumulate all this knowledge actually... :wink:
    Yes, it is the same hub, so no need to get a new one. Remove the freehub and give it a good wipe and lube, it's surely filthy inside
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    Been running the same wheelset apart from novatec 711/712 hub . Great wheelset strong enough for the rough roads I ride and surprisingly stiff too when climbing.