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MBR and Tarw - am I going to kill my friend?

gregwarigregwari Posts: 228
edited January 2014 in Routes
Boys weekend, we're heading to Coed-y-Brenin. For all the biking I've done, I've never been there. We're planning on taking a friend who cycles a lot but has never done a black trail. I've taken him around Dalby and Grizledale and he was ok but probably riding towards the upper end of his comfort on his 100mm hardtail. He'll be hiring a Remedy so he'll be better geared up, do we need to make sure his insurance is up to date or are the trails manageable, provided he's careful?


  • Should be fine, I managed Tarw, the beast, minortaur and one othe trail I forget the name of on a hard tail with no problems (just one puncture)
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