Can't get jockey wheels out

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I've got SRAM Force and the jockey wheels are almost round they're so worn out (I like to get my money's worth).

I tried to get them off using an allen key (of the right size of course) but they won't budge. In fact I'm in danger of rounding out the recessed nut.

I'd rather not take it into my LBS as I normally do all of my own maintenance but think I'm going to have to in this case.

Therefore any ideas appreciated?



  • Soak the bolts and nut in WD 40 or Plusgas (never used the latter myself but it gets recommended on here a lot) which may loosen what's holding them. You could also try sticking the mech in the freezer for a while or heating it as diff materials expand contract at diff rates with temp so that may free it up. If all else fails you probably will have to drill them out and replace them.
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    Also check for 'penetrating oil' from auto parts store - it is used to loosen corroded bolts & nuts.

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    make sure the hex key is good quality and unworn, a worn/poor hex key will mess up tight screws

    sram usually puts threadlock on these screws, probably 'blue' loctite

    oils will not have much, if any, effect, threadlock is designed to resist oil, grease etc.

    acetone will soften it, it flashes off fast, so you may need to keep putting a drop on the screw from each side for a while to let it seep in (many other solvents will also work, but acetone is typically easiest to get hold of as nail varnish remover)

    if the cage is metal, you can use a soldering iron: apply it to the thread end of the screw to heat it, once the temperature gets high enough the threadlock will release (around 250 celcius)
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  • Plus one for plus gas, its a world apart from wd in the penetrating fluid stakes, all else fails drill the heads off and go that way. But plus gas usually does the biz for most seized things on a car :D
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    Thanks all, some good advice.

    I think I will try the Plusgas first (which I've never heard of before this point) and if that doesn't work, then some heat treatment.
  • Just drill them out. Will take approx 30 seconds and cost you 50p for a new screw.