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I have painful feet (particularly the right foot) after my rides. At the moment it's a dull ache on the outside edge of my foot which goes away eventually, but I want to try and correct this before it causes anything more serious/long term, like knee problems.

I noticed that in my normal shoes the outer edge of the sole wears down more than the rest, so I'm apparently putting my weight on the outside of my foot when I walk.

I assume the same is happening when I cycle and wondered what I can do to resolve the problem?

So far I tried some innersoles in my cycling shoes, although they were just cheap running innersoles from Sports Direct.

I've read about Specialised inner soles with bridge support and also cleat wedges, but I wasn't really sure which option would be best for me and wanted to post here to see if anyone else had the same symptoms and how they addressed it.

I also read about LeWedge, but these were mentioned in some really old forum posts and I've not managed to find anywhere selling any still.



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    Lack of foot arch support could be issue - Specialized BG Insoles sorted all my foot pain problems. Go to a Specialized dealer they have a template you stand on and can advise what amount of arch support you need.
    I know this sounds stupid but other problem may just be shoes isn't a good fit (too narrow) or you're doing the straps up too tight.
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    consider seeing a bikefitter or physio that understands cycling+feet (it's not a given for either role)

    the same symptoms may have different causes and need different solutions

    it might be simply that you need extra arch support, then if it's not a large amount the bg footbeds may be ok, fwiw for me they weren't quite the answer, it's not only the degree of support, but also the position of it, and you may not need the same left/right, also...

    wedges may be needed and/or if there's any leg length discrepancy, a shim

    or something else

    fwiw i learned the hard way over 2-3 years of recurring knee problems, if i'd found the physio at the start, i'd have saved time, money and pain
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    Buy wider fitting shoes.