Entry level which one...GIANT vs TRIBAN vs SPECIALIZED

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I inherited an old (but decent road bike) and have been cycling for over a year. It's time I moved up a gear (pardon the pun) and purchased a new road bike. My budget is about 500, I’ve been doing my research and have already had some useful input from helpful people on the forums...
I have narrowed it down (hopefully)

GIANT DEFY 5 (2013 model)
SPECIALIZED ALLEZ C2 (2013 model - although may be worth spending extra on 2014?)

There is also the Boardman Road Sport - but I’m leaning towards the above a little more...unless that is a bad decision?

From my research it seems as though they are all pretty much on par with each other (if that’s fair to say). I know the Triban does possess features such as carbon forks - which seems to be an attractive quality to many - although I think any of these bikes will be a phenomenal upgrade from my current ride and as a result I probably won't be able to appreciate such features...as of yet. Is it basically down to personal preference? Internet purchase has been ruled out as I want to try the bike first.

I am leaning towards the Triban - although it seems people have to change the tyres a little sooner than what they should? I am doing my first Triathlon in August, so it is likely I will purchase new tyres before than regardless of model.

I cycle every day to work (10 mile round trip) and like to go on long rides of a weekend...

It would be useful to hear a couple of thoughts...
Thank you very much for taking time to respond.


  • I bought a Forme Longcliffe 3 from Rutland at the end of last year reduced to £450 (now £439) with 10 speed Tiagra mechs and Microshift levers. They also still have the Longcliffe 2 with a mix of 105 and Microshift, Aksium wheels for £499!

    Been really pleased with mine so far. Didn't think much to the bars or the Microshift but for the money I saved I changed them out and still only spend about £550 in total. Might not be quite as good as the Spesh and Giant in the frame department but for the money you won't get anywhere near the same level of equipment as the Formes.