Which brake and gear cables

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So, I'm upgrading my groupset to ultegra 6800 and all that remains to buy is the brake and gear cables.

Standard Shimano cables or is there something better?????

Any advise or recommendations.


  • majormantra
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    To get the best out of the 6800 you should use the cables that come as standard with it, they're coated for very low friction.

    They're quite pricey as a separate part though.
  • majormantra
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    (You can also use DA 9000 cables but they're likely to be even more expensive.)
  • Bozman
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    I've just put 6800 on a bike and for groupsets past I've used other cable rather than Shimano, but the cables that come with the 6800 shifters are really good.......at the moment.
  • Anonymous
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    Was tempted by DA 9000 polymer coated, but went with the PTFE coated for my DA7900 this service.
    Will try 9000/polymer next time and see what the difference is though.
  • phil485
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    Thanks for the heads up guys. Didn't think to look in the box! One less thing to buy :)

    All being done on the quiet so I haven't had too much of an opportunity to look over my new toys.