Can I swap from 3x8 to 3x10 like this?

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I have a 3x8 setup, can I just get some 3x10 brifters and whack a 10sp cassette and chain on and its all good?

Why do front mechs specify "8sp" and why do chainrings also say 8sp/9sp/10sp? Really? I mean come on!

Can't I just use my "8sp chainset" and "8sp front mech" with a 10sp chain, cassette and shifter?

Guys you might laugh at this but I might go back to drop bars. Don't laugh. :lol:

Main reason I went to flat bars is I hated the 2300 STi shifters with that little black button to downshift, all the good brifters have a down shift in the middle of the brake lever, which can be reached from both on the hoods and on the drops.

Guys, putting flat bars on my road bike was silly I admit that now. I am losing stupid amounts on my times and don't have many hand positions on the longer rides. :roll: