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New Wheels or Rebuild?

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I got myself a new bike just before Xmas in the sales and as usual for the type of bike the wheels or should I say hubs are not great. The rims are Mavic CXP22 which seem fine from all I've read about them but they are laced to no name hubs and really do seem slugish.

So the wheels were first on the list for an upgrade but is it worth considering a rebuild on the mavic CXP22 rims or a new set?

I won't be looking at high end wheels if I go that route probably something like Aksiums which I've had before, Racing 5's that kind of thing.

But if I was to rebuild (or get them rebuilt as I can't) I could perhaps spend a bit extra on some decent hubs like Hope's or Ultergra. Depending on how much the LBS will charge for building, I could end up with a better set of wheels than just buying a factory wheelset for my budget?

Any thoughts to help me out?


  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    Think about why you find them sluggish. What is the weight of the wheels? What is the weight of the rims? Why do you assume that the hubs are the problem? They might be heavy and they could be badly sealed but, whilst they are reasonably new at least, there is no reason to assume that they won't be functionally fine. Chances are, your wheels are just a bit heavy - and they are probably heavy both in the hubs and rims.

    Personally, I'd use the original wheels as winter wheels and keep an eye out for bargains between now and the summer. Or drop Ugo or Cycleclinic a line about getting some handbuilts.
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  • Your rims are quite cheap and although they can be reused, you have to ask yourself if it is worth it. As you say, there is nothing wrong with them, but is there anything good about them?
    Most of the ride quality of a wheel is down to how the rim behaves on the road... yours have what is called a "dull ride"
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  • Cheers for the advice chaps. A new set looks the way to go if I change. Might just have to save a bit more for some hand built wheels though.

    Not sure what it is with these wheels that I find sluggish. Might be an excuse for poor fitness! I'm just basing my 'new wheels will be better' on the fact that when I changed some very similar wheel on my old Cannondale to some Aksiums, the difference in how the rode and rolled was very suprising.
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    A change of tyre may liven things up. I felt sluggish last night as it was first time on the bike for three weeks due to flu.
    So sluggish wheels/bike can be the rider. The Mavic CXP22 though is not know a "lively" rim, it is a cheap rim.

    In most wheel shops £300 is all you need to get a light reliable set of wheels that now doubt would feel better than what you have and you don't have to spend the money on Hope or ultegra hubs to get something reliable. Miche, 105 or Novatec A171/F172 are a very good starting point. -wheel building and other stuff.
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